Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Revenge of the Turds

The Paul Klee center, an art museum, in Berne has announced that a problem recently emerged with one of their art objects. The piece is part of an exhibition called East of Eden: A Garden Show. Dogs sometimes, um, relieve themselves in the garden, so the garden show included a dog turd the size of a house.

Now that is a dog turd. Don’t mess around with anything small. Make it the size of a building. I’d hate to meet the dog. Especially if I worked for the post office. Naturally the title of the piece was “Complex S**t.”

Unfortunately, the turd was not accompanied by a pooper scooper of comparable size. A gust of wind blew the turd out of the museum and it ran amok, bringing down an electrical power line and knocking out at least one window before landing near a children’s home.

I can just hear the children now. “What’s that, mommy?” Surely none of them had ever seen a turd that big before.

As of writing the museum was undecided whether or not to put the turd back on display.



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